My thoughts on rules and tips to better manage a Videogame Backlog

In order to attempt playing more of the games on my backlog I’m trying to stick to the following:

1. Make a list

I’ve used two tools for this. Firstly the website Grouvee, which use an API to link to the database of videogames. This website is used to help track what games I own or have access to, games on my wishlist and what I would like to play next. The hard part and discipline is making sure that this is maintained.

I already had a Google Sheet with a list of all the physical games I’ve purchased over the years. I merely made sure this is up to date.

2. Categorise my games

Using Grouvee I have categorised everything as follows:

  • Played. If I’ve already played the game. And then either tagged Abandoned or Completed depending on what I thought of the game and how far I progressed.
  • Backlog. Any game I want to play goes onto this list.
  • Play next. This is a list of the games I ‘most’ want to play next and will prioritise.
  • Playing. Anything I’m currently playing. Will try to be ruthless and keep this to a minimum.
  • Paused. Games I’m still intending to play but rather than just abandon I will try to resume as quickly as I can (easier said than done!).

And that’s it. Free games, stuff I regard more as a collection, or older games I’m not too bothered about I’ve not added to the backlog category.

3. Avoid Games as a Service (GaaS) or Live Services

Which is far easier said than done. Particularly when a lot of new games fall into this category and I tend to really enjoy them. One of the hardest rules to keep to.

4. Stop playing

If I think the game isn’t very good or I don’t enjoy it then I will move on and play something else.

5. Don’t aim for 100 percent

This might include just experiencing the main story line, not collecting everything or not bothering with harder difficulty levels.

6. Don’t rush & enjoy

Simple rule, but an important one. After all a large part of playing videogames is about having fun. So there’s no shame in playing a lot of one game if it’s fun.